Cincinnati Wedding Venues - What To Look For In The Perfect Place

With so many great Cincinnati-area wedding venues, soon-to-be brides and grooms face an abundance of quality choices. So where do you even start in your search for "the one" Cincinnati venue that will make your wedding day dreams come true?

Speaking as a current Cincinnati wedding photographer and as the owners of the Mojave East wedding and event venue, we have been on every side of this conundrum. That's why we've written this guide on finding a top wedding venue in Cincinnati: in hopes it will make your search that much smoother.

In the same way you would when choosing your wedding photographer, caterer, or dress, you should think carefully when choosing a Cincinnati-area venue. Some venues are more compatible with certain types of weddings (e.g., black tie) while others, like warehouse spaces, work for any and all styles. Clarifying your wants and expectations about venues with your partner is the first and most important step to ensuring you end up saying "I do" to the perfect place.

Thankfully, finding the best Cincinnati wedding venue doesn't have to be a frustrating process: the
perfect outdoor, historic, or warehouse venue can be found by looking for just a few things in particular. Follow these suggestions and the venue will be one less thing to worry about leading up to your big day:

1) Location, Location, Location

Before deciding big or small, rustic or tropical, you need to decide where in the world you want your wedding to take place! Assuming you're interested in a Cincinnati event venue, are you going to go Over-the-Rhine, Hyde Park, or something further away from downtown? And if guests are coming from out of town, is it easy for them to get to the venue? Thankfully at Cincinnati weddings, that answer is almost always yes due to the layout of the city and the many great transportation options available.

This is one of the best things about Cincinnati-area wedding venues: how accessible they are. Even if your venue is outside the city limits in one of the many quaint neighboring communities like Mariemont, Mt. Adams, or Newtown (where Mojave East is), you're always a short distance (about 10 minutes) from both downtown and the Cincinnati airport. For out-of-towners, this makes it easy to carpool, take an Uber, or roll in on a party bus or limousine.

Another nice thing about wedding venues in Cincinnati is that if the conveniences of an urban
wedding (like public transportation and lots of hotel and entertainment options) appeal to you, many venues can still offer a scenic backdrop reminiscent of the countryside. The city's famed seven hills can be seen at various angles from most Cincinnati wedding venues (even downtown), and the Ohio River is always a quick car or trolley ride away for some extra special wedding-day photos.

2) Capacity and Space

It might sound obvious, but when shopping for a wedding venue in Cincinnati you need to find a place that will comfortably fit your entire guest list. First, you need to be certain that a venue will have room for enough chairs and tables to accommodate everyone. But also keep in mind that guests need plenty of room to mingle before dinner and dance wildly after!

This is why more open-concept Cincinnati event spaces are so popular. Not only will all your friends and family fit physically, they'll feel more comfortable under high ceilings and in an open floor plan. When we restored the building that is now Mojave East, for instance, we also put in large chandeliers and track lighting that illuminate the venue's 17"-high beamed ceilings and original cinder block walls. These effects ensure guests never feel short on space for the the hours they're at our venue. It also makes for spectacular Cincinnati wedding photography.

An outdoor space for guests to roam and congregate during the reception is also something you want to consider. At indoor/outdoor Cincinnati-event venues like Mojave East, these spaces sometimes have large windows with natural light, attractive landscaping, and string lighting overhead. These elements all add to the ambience of your wedding or event.

3) Style

Once you decide where you want your wedding to take place geographically and how many guests
are going to come, it's time to choose the backdrop and setting you want for your big day. Scrolling through all possible categories and options on sites like The Knot or WeddingWire can be overwhelming and it can start to sound like a Dr. Seuss book: do I want to get married in a barn? On a farm? What about in a church or on a beach?

It's ultimately a matter of personal taste, but for those not set on something specific (like a rooftop or waterfront wedding), we recommend looking at older, restored Cincinnati warehouse venues. A "warehouse-wedding" may not be the most enchanting-sounding category name, but these buildings make your wedding experience infinitely more customizable than a museum or public park allow for. Using Mojave East and its restored 1950s building as an example, there are countless options that allow you to make the day of your dreams yours:

● Choose to have a naturally-lit indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception (or at night under the
● Personalized vintage entry sign and custom art murals throughout
● High-end, exclusive catering options
● Customizable liquor, beer, and wine packages
● Various table (round or farm-style?) and seating (copper/wood chairs, metal chairs, or wood

As you shop for a Cincinnati event venue, always be aware of how much customizing you'll get with your booking. Dedicated wedding venues with large open spaces, polished cement floors, and
modern amenities (like at Mojave East) are much more flexible in allowing your wedding day to look exactly like you imagined. Hiring a professional Cincinnati wedding planner can also be a huge help in making these decisions. Maura Bassman Events, for example, is one of our favorite Cincinnati wedding planners.

Finding The Best Cincinnati Wedding Venue For You

In the end, finding the Cincinnati wedding venue of your dreams is a matter of asking the right questions and being clear about what you want. If you do that (and keep the things above in mind)
you'll undoubtedly end up saying yes to the perfect place to say "I do".

There are countless great Cincinnati event spaces for weddings, but to see if Mojave East is the right place for you, visit or email